Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

Vintage Style Furniture

We’ve all heard the saying ‘everything old is new again’. It’s a saying that’s definitely true of furniture, with many favoured styles and designs of the past coming back into vogue decades later. When it comes to vintage furniture, we look at a particular time period that spans the 1920s to roughly 20 years prior to the present day. In 2018, that’s roughly 70 years of design and style influences going into the vintage style furniture that are available to buy or hire now. If you’re looking for classic lounge furniture or high-end vintage office furniture in Melbourne, make Cocolea Furniture your first and only point of contact.

An Extensive Range of Vintage Steel Furniture to Appeal to All Tastes

Thanks to its vast timespan, it makes sense that vintage style furniture has an equally widespread appeal across vast age ranges. At Cocolea Furniture, you’ll find a wide range of vintage furniture types to choose from, including:

  • Classic European furniture
  • Vintage steel furniture
  • Vintage lea furniture
  • Classic lounge furniture
  • Vintage leather furniture
  • Vintage industrial style furniture
  • White vintage furniture
  • And more...

Whether you’re looking for a vintage furniture desk for the workplace or a vintage style lounge for the home, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your tastes at our vintage furniture shop.

Get Free Australia-Wide Delivery

At Cocolea Furniture, we do our best to look after our valued clients. That’s why we provide full two year warranty on all vintage style furniture as well as free delivery nationwide. Whether you’re buying vintage industrial furniture in Sydney or elsewhere across the country, you can trust that we’ll look after all your vintage furniture needs.