Top Ideas for Creating a Luxury Dining Room


With ever-changing and evolving interior design trends and decorating styles, in many homes the dining room has become a forgotten space. What was once an indulgent formal zone for a fine dining experience has become somewhat of an afterthought. Despite the trend of integrating casual dining spaces within a social kitchen, there is a growing revival of the luxurious, classic space for those who still love the opulence and grandeur of a lavish dining room. Cocolea is Melbourne’s leading supplier of luxury furniture specialising in majestic and timeless pieces customised to suit your style and specifications. Here’s a few ways to transform your dining room into an opulent space that sets the perfect backdrop for a memorable dinner.

Use Statement Lighting


Lighting is crucial is creating ambience and warmth, and nothing says luxury like layered mood lighting. Lighting has been enjoying a real resurgence in the past few years, and the dining room is the ideal area to have fun and put a new, artistic spin it. Whether you opt for a cluster of stylish pendants to show off an oversized contemporary glass dining table or a glamorous chandelier to spread soft dappled light over an elegant Carrara marble or ultra-high end Calcutta marble dining table, investing in an eye-catching light installation can do wonders to show off your luxe dining room furniture.

Create a Focal Point with Artwork


Wall art is the finishing touch that makes every room look like a well-curated and cohesive designer space. Creating a full gallery wall or using large-scale eye-catching pieces, will make the room feel complete, and add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal. If you’ve held back on artwork for fear of the cost, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on commissioned pieces, you can get a similar effect with stunning oversized prints and framed photographs.

Show Off Your Favourite Serving Pieces

Don’t keep your beautiful dining accessories hidden away. Integrate them into your dining room design, either on your table or a nearby side table, and give them their chance to shine. Adding little details like an heirloom tea set or metallic tableware is an easy way to give your dining room an instant luxurious lift. Gold flatware is a popular trend in dining decor as the high sheen finish encapsulates a high-end feel, but if metallic in the dining room isn’t your style, black flatware will give the same opulent look with a chic and moody twist.

Opt for Bespoke Dining Room Furniture

imageWhether your dining room serves as an intimate space for gatherings with close friends or a warm hub to share with the entire family, your dining room furniture must be tailored to suit your needs.

There is something inherently beautiful about custom luxury furniture that leaves us all mesmerized.

For a glamourous aesthetic with luxurious sensibility, a dining table crafted from lavish materials such as resin and brass dappled with 24ct gold leaf detailing coupled with comfortable chairs upholstered in tactile fabrics, will really make an impact.

For a dining room with classic sophistication, choose an elegant dining table with a timeless silhouette in glass, teak wood or burnt wood and pair with chairs beautifully upholstered in refined materials such as plush velvet or linen.

For an opulent space, don’t be scared of oversized proportions, but keep upholstery simple to maintain a sophisticated aesthetic. Furniture made from high-end materials such as a Lucite acrylic dining table or an Agate table speckled with black, pink or green is key.

Keep in mind that luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean formal. Refined silhouettes with a casual twist, warm organic tones and natural materials such as leather and wood work just as well in presenting an upscale look with an artisanal touch.

Dining tables are subtle statement-makers, if you are looking for a bespoke dining room table to add a touch of refined luxury to your dining room, get in touch with Cocolea today. Our collection of high-end dining room furniture is crafted to last and we can tailor our pieces to suit your budget, dimensions and design – with options for seating 4-20 and a range of bases to suit your style available in metal, wood, brass or Lucite. Let our team create a show-stopping dining table that combines a hint of modernity with timeless aesthetics to suit your unique dining space today. Call us (03) 8691 2092 or contact us online now.