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Resin Furniture
More and more people are discovering the advantages of buying resin furniture for indoor or outdoor use. Unlike traditional wicker furniture, which can falter in the rain or harsh sunlight, resin wicker (also known as all-weather wicker) boasts the durability and toughness to last in any conditions, but without ever compromising on style or quality. Typically made from a synthetic material like polyethylene and fashioned to look like authentic wicker, resin furniture makes for a visually striking choice for your home or workplace. Explore the range of resin furniture designed for indoor and outdoor use available from Cocolea Furniture.

Stylish Resin Furniture of the Highest Quality
Cocolea Furniture designs and handcrafts a vast range of pieces of furniture in an equally wide variety of materials, including resin, aluminium and more. Whether you’re looking for a high-end coffee table, a bedside table or two, or even some gorgeous dining chairs for the living room, you’re sure to find the perfect piece amongst our quality range of resin furniture pieces.

All pieces come with a two year warranty, plus we provide free Australia wide delivery, so there’s no better time than now to explore our resin furniture range online.