On Luxury Furniture and Living—An Interview on Cocolea’s Success

luxury furniture

Homeowners who focus on making their space more personal and comfortable know the genuine essence of owning high-end furniture pieces than most. Through the years, you may have found yourself slowly investing in chairs and tables, collecting various items to serve as the finishing touch to make your house a real home.

If you’re still on a journey of acquiring bespoke furniture, you may want to consider Cocolea, a luxury store in Melbourne selling exclusive furniture to people that deserve only the best. Founded in 2016, our company has always prided itself in our passion for curating unique furniture filled with timeless and contemporary designs we consider a work of art.

Alongside our vision, more and more people have been recognising our avante-garde designs that Love Happens, a luxury lifestyle magazine, reached out to our founders. They discussed what makes Cocolea a brand deserving of the spotlight and why more Australians should get on the loop and realise the true beauty of curated furniture.

Recognising Cocolea—A Story Worth Telling

For those loyal customers following Cocolea, a furniture company established by Cristian and Dorina, you know our founders share a mutual love for luxury furniture, art, and design. We make sure to work with only the best—highly talented artists, exceptional companies, and widely-recognized brands, such as Boca Do Lobo, Koket, and Circu.

We believe every homeowner deserves elegant pieces that they’re proud to display in their homes. With our dedication to the craft and determination to meet people’s needs, Love Happens Magazine recognised our hard work and reached out to one of our founders for an exclusive interview.

A Preview of Cocolea’s Interview with Love Happens

Love Happens recently spoke to our founder Cristian Cocolea to have a glimpse of his creative thinking process and how the company has achieved numerous milestones over the years. They talked about how it started, what inspired Cristian to start a business with his wife, why they put up a custom furniture company, and so much more.

During the interview, among the questions of what his perfect happiness looks like, his greatest extravagance, and his greatest achievement, Cristian Cocolea was asked about an unforgettable project. According to Christian, it was:

“The customised pieces and fit-out created for No1 Fertility, a bespoke IVF clinic at the Paris end of Collins Street in Melbourne CBD. It included a 14 seat 10cm clear resin table with floating 24ct gold leaf pieces inside the tabletop.”

Finding Love Amid Luxury

Cocolea’s interview with Love Happens features more questions that will prove the intriguing mind of Cristian Cocolea, who never fails to showcase his love for things he’s passionate about. Despite how far our company has reached, we continue to focus on giving people what they need and guiding them on telling if a furniture piece is luxurious and worth investing in.

Check out the complete interview of Cocolea with Love Happens for a closer look at luxury living. After all, love and joy start with the furniture you display in your home and the comfort it brings to you and your loved ones. If you’re interested in high-quality boutique furniture, browse through our catalogue to discover what’s in store!