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How to Make a Bedroom Look Luxurious in 7 Easy Steps!


It’s always a joy to update a home, but focusing on the bedroom will make the place even cozier. Trying to make a bedroom look luxurious is easy enough. It is also worthwhile, as the bedroom should be a relaxing refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Here is what you need to do to achieve that 5-star hotel feeling:

Start with the Walls.

A simple change in wall colour can instantly make a bedroom one-of-a-kind among the other rooms. While it’s great to stick with basic colours, it’s also essential to showcase your personality in how your walls will look.

Instead of going for a solid-coloured wall, go for a wallpaper that comes in various designs to match your personality and how you’re feeling at the moment. Next, try to match the art pieces hung on the wall and make sure it matches the paint or wallpaper behind it. Intensify the look by adding a few pops of colour on every side.

Choose the Right Curtains.

Curtains, drapes, and blinds are easy fixes if you want to switch up moods. They can also make the space more sophisticated and classy while adding dimension and complementing other luxurious items in the room. 

Choose things that go from light to dark to allow you to play with shades and colour combinations. Various shades should help you modify the lighting in the bedroom during sunny or cloudy days.

Opt for Elegant Lighting Fixtures.

Lights play a significant role in making a room look more luxurious and inviting more than how it is. The perfect fixture adds brightness and creates a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay for the night. Modern colour-changing LED lights, lamps, chandeliers, and candles are excellent choices for luxurious-looking light fixtures. 

Try to find fixtures with a metallic, crystal, or shiny finish, as these can look prestigious. If you prefer a brighter light source, choose a fixture with weirder or larger shapes to allow more light to seep through.

Invest in a Bed.

Investing in a bed doesn’t only mean choosing an expensive frame. It also means investing in a good-quality headboard that has an intricate design that complements the room overall. The headboard shouldn’t be too dark or too light in colour. Of course, it shouldn’t also make you uncomfortable while in use. 

Meanwhile, investing in a bed also includes what goes on the bed. Buying good-quality pillows, sheets, and an excellent mattress will not only make your bed look nice to lie on but also provide quality sleep every night.

Finalise the Details.

Finalise how your bedroom will look by adding a few finishing touches. First, add an extra seat with bedroom furniture that fits best with your aesthetic. Next, place a side table that’s not too big or not too small. Last, display all ornaments in areas that need them. If you have a vanity mirror, bring it in and add that functionality to your bedroom.


Redesigning a bedroom should be a great activity to relieve stress and exercise one’s creativity. The outcome will depend on the owner’s personality and style. Mixing the two aspects should produce a room that’s luxurious and great to sleep in.

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