Leather Care

Caring for Leather

Leather is the skin of an animal with wicking pores and needs to have oils similar to those provided by the animal replenished on a regular basis. This will prevent the leather from drying out, cracking and fading.

Since almost all leather is tanned and dyed, exposure to the elements starts to fade the colour over time. Whether its a sofa in front of the picture window or an office chair used every day, regular use of Leather Dressing will bring back the original pigments and make it look like new.

Leather Dressing also has the added benefit of natural waterproofers inherent in tree resins that the bees collect as part of their wax barrier that waterproofs their hives. The beeswax allows leather to breather and the seed oils used as as close to an animals natural body as can be found.

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Leather Care