How Your Home’s Interior Design Affects Your Mental Health

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Your home is your ultimate sanctuary, making it the first place you go when you want to feel comfortable. It’s the only space you can reliably unwind after a stressful day at work, recuperate after a fight with a loved one, grieve after a loss, and nurse wounds both physical and emotional. Any time you feel upset, your instinct is to head home and be in your private space away from the peering eyes of others.

The rooms in your home witness many vital moments in your life, which means it’s crucial to ensure that these spaces provide support, comfort, and positive energy. Your home is one of the few things you have complete control over, and the way you design it will impact your well-being in every possible way. 

Interior Design Impacts Your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Various interior design approaches have been observed to lower stress, anxiety, and depression, which are among the most common mental health complaints. How safe you feel at home is correlated to your emotional stability, as supported by many studies in the healthcare industry. Having a clean, open house free of clutter will make you feel more optimistic and content, so it’s crucial to invest in curated furniture that adds to a fresh, spacious atmosphere.

In fact, even the business world pays extra attention to interior design’s psychological effects. Designers strategically use lighting, colour, textures, and artwork to create inspiring, productive spaces that keep workers happy, creative, and efficient. They can even make an office space look intimidating if the company desires that kind of ambience for their work environment.

Art and Décor Affects Your Mood

Studies have shown that looking at art can positively impact your mental health. Still, some art can result in negative feelings, so choosing artwork that resonates closely with your tastes and experiences is crucial. Choosing beautiful artwork that conveys expressions and concepts that make you feel welcome, thoughtful, and safe will do wonders for making you feel happy and uplifted while you’re at home.

Art doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be an original by a renowned painter or an affordable print. It can also be pottery, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, decorative pieces, or even dishware that you picked up at a local store. Filling your home with creative works will decrease your stress and anxiety, especially when you choose artwork that makes you feel good when viewing it. In fact, some professionals view and create art to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Your home must be a safe space that makes you feel protected and secure. If you don’t feel welcome when you cross your doorway, you may want to reconsider your interior design and look into more inviting pieces from unique furniture stores in Melbourne. Whether you have a tiny apartment or a large mansion, making even the subtlest changes to your interior design can significantly impact your mood.

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