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Give Your Home a Post-Pandemic Refresh with These 5 Expert Interior Design Tips

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Now that life for many is starting to become “normal” once again, it is easier to accomplish to-dos that were put on hold during the pandemic. Individuals are getting out and tackling projects and goals that they’ve wanted to take on for months. One type of project that is now possible to accomplish is home interior design changes. If you’ve been wanting to refresh your residence with a new and stunning look, now is the best time. The design experts at Cocolea share five tips that you can use to make your home as exquisite as possible.

Swap furniture with one-of-a-kind, bespoke pieces

When redesigning your home, your number one goal should be making the look your own. Whether you have an efficient apartment or a sprawling property, using furniture to personalize your design is one of the best strategies you can use.

Rather than buying generic pieces that are mass-produced, consider purchasing top-quality bespoke pieces that give your home a luxurious feel. At Cocolea, we produce beds, cabinets, chairs, sofas, desks, and other pieces of furniture that are eclectic and original. The addition of just one or two custom furniture items can create a look and feel that is distinctly your own.

Measure everything prior to ordering

Scale and fit play a massive role in how the look of a room ties together. Ordering furniture, artwork, plants, or new appliances that are too small or too large can result in a room design that you don’t fully love. Even worse, ordering items that are too large to fit in your stairwell or through your front door can lead to costly returns and disappointment.

You can avoid these fairly significant problems by taking the time to measure your space. Know the exact size of your doorways, how much space you want your new furniture to occupy, and how much of your walls will be covered by your chosen artwork. Investing up to an hour of your time in taking accurate measurements can save you hours and frustration down the road.

Make improvements that boost your home’s value

Although revamping your home’s design is a top priority, you should also aim to make improvements that will ultimately increase your property’s overall value. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home in the near future. Both goals can easily be accomplished if you know which modifications have the highest ROI.

According to home experts, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, basement remodels, and window replacements are four of the best home modifications you can make. You can often earn well over 90 percent of what you spend on these updates when selling your home.

Find ways to repurpose what you already own

In addition to buying new items for your home, it is crucial to think about how you can reuse what you already own. With so much furniture and decorative items being thrown into landfills each year, being environmentally-minded during your interior redesign project is a wise choice.

Reduce waste by getting creative with the pieces you currently have. Consider customizing decor, furniture, and the like to fit your new style. You can also introduce items from other rooms in your home, or that have been in storage. Alternatively, purchasing upcycled items is another way to be eco-conscious when redesigning your home.

Hire an interior designer

If you want your home redesign project to be a success, but don’t know where to start, hiring an interior designer is an excellent decision. These professionals are educated and experienced in knowing how to transform rooms. They can also help you identify what you like, what you don’t like, and how to use those elements to create breathtaking rooms throughout your home.

On top of these suggestions, you will also want to be sure to establish a budget for your project. You can do this by knowing which rooms you want to redesign, deciding whether you’ll be making minor or major changes, and researching local prices online.

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