Design Conversations with Cocolea Furniture and Meetsales

luxury furniture

Sophistication meets sensibility with Cocolea Furniture, an Australian luxury brand that empowers its designs with aesthetic innovation. Beyond creating spaces that look ripped out from glossy interior magazines, the recent interview with Design MEETings put a spotlight on how we, as a team at Cocolea, craft furniture with the intent to bring out the space’s individual homeliness. 

During the conversation, Cláudia Moreira and Dorina Cocolea, cofounder of Cocolea Furniture, discussed Cocolea’s redefinition of luxury as they create bespoke, artistic pieces that take inspiration from timeless designs around the world. Be it playing around with geometric shapes to create architectural textures to contrasting styles from different poles apart eras, Meetsales traversed what it’s like to combine elements to create a home that is truly unique. 

The result is the best of all worlds in design—from antique eccentricity and eclectic modernism to polished industrialism harmoniously integrated into every room. 

Representing Luxury and Its Colourful Medley of Inspirations 

Throughout the conversation about design inspiration, recent trends, and connections in design, a brand that often came up was Boca Do Lobo. As one of Dorina’s creative inspirations and a brand Meetsales represents, Boca Do Lobo remains dedicated to embracing emblematic pieces, daring us to reinterpret our approach with what exclusive means for clients. Luxxu also had a hand in shaping the way we highlight the distinction in our pieces, along with our favourites like Brabbu, Koket, and Circu. With a passion for making a change through our pieces, it only makes sense that they’ve collaborated with Meetsales too!

With different muses guiding our creative process, our brand produces personalised elements that play around with wood, metals and a pop of colour to capture the essence of our clients. Dorina also talked about the importance of understanding the relationship between the materials, style, and functionality of every piece of furniture, and how it unveils the connection between beauty and purpose. 

Cocolea Leads Clients to a Journey of Discovery 

The interview was truly a meeting of two tastemakers in the industry, one that aims to challenge the norm with Cocolea’s fresh take on luxury furniture and Meetsales obsession with scouting like-minded brands who strive to create seamlessly tailored experiences through design. This interview catches the spirit of luxury furniture, one that designs pieces that would best represent the experience and completeness of every homeowner. 

After all, what is a home without feeling cosy in chic decor? What makes a house an extension of every homeowner, if not for the comfort they find in the furnishings that complete their abode? 

Read more about our interview with Meetsales and see how we take a deep dive into the multifaceted characteristics of our luxury furniture designs: nature-driven, dynamic, and humanist.