Cocolea and Boca do Lobo – a synergy that just makes sense

Synergy: “The combined effect of individuals in collaboration, that exceeds the sum of their individual effects” (Stephen Covey).

This harmonious collective is precisely what is achieved in Cocolea’s recent addition from internationally renowned artisans, Boca do Lobo.
Founded in 2005, and the founding brand of Covet House group, Boca do Lobo’s passion for fine craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind pieces, sweetly complement Cocolea’s bespoke and luxurious suite of designs.

As you explore these latest additions, you will be immersed in the inspiration and appreciation for style, elegance and luxury that you have come to expect from Cocolea.
From the gold leaf gliding detail of the Lapiaz range, to the ‘expression of imperfect aesthetic’ of the Imperfectio sofas, Boca do Lobo have mastered our love for design which supports comfort and functionality, without limiting class or creativity.

We are excited for you to discover an extension of our already attention-demanding sculptural statement pieces, through a portal of rich colours and clashing textures bringing you unexpected art that will not only demand your attention but will evoke emotion.
Boca do Lobo share our respect for high quality, exquisite materials. From gold and brass; to leather and handcrafted wood veneer.

From fitting out a $15 Million mansion in Capri, to completing strikingly stylish projects around the world including the Trump Tower in India, exuberant palace’s in Austria, to exclusive and eccentric residences from Russia to New York, just to name a few. Not to mention the numerous collaborations with esteemed renowned local and international interior designers such as Greg Natale, Hirsch Bedner and associates and Tatyana Myronova.

The Portuguese artisans are no strangers to leading the way in cutting edge, yet soulful design – allowing us to bring you some of the finest, most extravagant contemporary pieces now obtainable here in Australia, from Cocolea. You will absolutely fall in love with signature pieces like the beautiful Fortuna Dining Table, which is exemplary of outstanding craftmanship with Zen design, evoking passion and sophistication whilst still offering the versatility and function of a dining table.

We are certain you will also fall in love with the insanely unique aesthetic these new collections we now offer, giving you the opportunity to create stunning spaces and inspire your interior imaginations to life. Fusing our passion for beautiful pieces with playful poise; along with our admiration for attention to detail; Cocolea is excited to offer you some of the most globally sort-after, high-end furniture items through this partnership.

As one of the first furniture stores in Australia to retail Boca do Lobo, we are elated to be able to provide you a gateway to a world of wonder and exclusive opulent flare to fit out your next residential or commercial project.

Cocolea and Boca do Lobo – a synergy that just makes sense.

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Author Venessa Chang
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