A Guide to Checking Out the Correct Bar Stool Height

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When picturing the perfect kitchen, most people imagine a homey counter and bar stools for different family members or friends to hang around. Whether it’s just enjoying a snack or having chit-chat while preparing the food, the bar stool proves to be quite a helpful addition to your cooking area.

However, one thing that you have to remember before purchasing and checking out a bar stool is the height. It’s imperative to have the right leg length so that anyone seated on the chairs will be comfortable. 

Curious about what steps you should take to figure out to settle on a bar stool height? Continue reading.

Assess the Factors

Bar stools come in all sorts of sizes, and there are a number of factors that can help you narrow down the exact height you need. You could also go down the old-fashioned route and grab a tape measure to call it a day, but you would still have to come back to these factors to assess the compatibility of the bar stools to the home.

Take a look at these before picking out and concluding the bar stool height you need:

  • Bench Height. The counter or bench height is paramount to what your eventual bar stool height will be. If the bar stool is for other parts of the home like a table or vanity, check that height instead. It’s ideal for the chair to be shorter for some legroom.
  • Tenant Height. Everyone living inside the home who will be using the bar stool should have their height measured. It may be a little odd, but how tall each tenant is will help you determine the ideal bar stool height to allow more space for the thighs and legs.
  • Seat Height. Consider the bar stool seating height. Although the stool’s legs are regularly measured, the seats can add a significant number of inches to the overall furniture. That extra tallness can make or break the comfort you experience. 

Check Your Options

Once you have your own personal measurements, it’s time to move on to what’s on the market. Most places will likely have their bar stool heights fixed, so narrow down which ones work for you. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality though, as it’s possible to find a bar stool that can offer both.

Decide on the Features

Bar stools, as mentioned above, have fixed heights. However, there are some features that can make the overall chair adjustable in height. Whether it’s a regular pedal lift or a manual screw that needs to be adjusted, this type of bar stool can be perfect for families with shorter kids and taller parents. 

Conclude the Quantity

Lastly, after roughly choosing a height, it’s time to decide how many bar stools you’re going to need in your kitchen. Too many bar stools, even with the right height, can crowd the bench way too much. Instead of checking up the height of the bench, it’s time to consider the length and how many would fit.


Following these points should help lead you to an ideal bar stool height for your cooking area. Your selection should provide enough space for everybody to sit in, no matter what time of the day it is.

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