Afterpay is available in-store for purchases up to $2000 on our website and instore.


To use Afterpay when shopping online with Cocolea just select Afterpay at checkout as the preferred payment method. Up to $2000 can be available to use, the amount available is assessed by Afterpay dependant on whether you have already used up some of your limit on other purchases and determined by Afterpay when you sign up. You can always check your available Afterpay balance by going to your app


The Afterpay in-store process starts from your mobile phone and takes under 2 minutes to create an account. If you are already an Afterpay customer, simply download the App and sign in.

Once you’ve created your barcode, take the item you want up to the counter. Your item will be scanned, and your payment will be processed like any other Afterpay purchase. Yay!

Good to know

  • It is important to remember as part of our normal process Afterpay will run a check or ‘pre-authorisation’ on your card for an amount up to the equivalent to the amount of your first instalment assuming you spend the full amount. These funds will be held until your barcode is used or expires – whichever comes first.
  • If you get an Error Message noting a problem with your card – that probably means you haven’t selected a preferred payment method on your account. Just check whether there is a blue dot next to one of the cards stored on your account. If not, then pick your preferred card for payment and you’re good to go!
  • The first payment may be required on the day

How much can I spend in-store?

You will see your available spend on the barcode via the Afterpay App. The barcode needs to be refreshed every 10 minutes.

How many times can I use my barcode?

The barcode will need to be refreshed every 10 minutes. Simply select ‘refresh barcode’ in the middle of the barcode screen. This can be used once at the register and will then need to be refreshed.

Split Payments

To arrange splitting payments please contact us at . In this instance you will need to use the instore process and we will need to arrange to take payment directly with you between your two preferred payment types.